colgrassColGrass Ltd has as object the construction of medium-heavy carpentry work on a covered area of 2000 sqm and 6000 sqm discovered.
The entire production process is performed inside the timber from raw materials to the execution of the building fully paid, according to WPS (Welding Procedure Specification), thanks to major investments in machinery and technology (plasma cutting, shearing, bending, calendar , punching and anything else necessary to the final product), ready to be sanded, painted or galvanized.

Activities and innovation

Production that respects the rules of the quality of the program SINCERT ISO 9001:2008,
observance of the delivery following a high level programming.
For highly complex structures, the company made a pre-assembly in the workshop to ensure certainty of outcome.
Passion, tenacity and flexibility distinguish us and make us a willing partner in the implementation of special projects commissioned by the customer.

The business is based in particular on carpentry materials carbon steel, stainless steel and Corten making process plant structures support filters, silos, reactors, cyclones, ducts and chimneys, paying particular attention to changing technology art of building.
The continuing desire to improve led by the natural evolution of the professional knowledge of the owner, members and a homogeneous working group, the introduction of ColGrass Ltd . to complete the production cycle (supply and installation).
Two independent but complementary divisions.


Facilities and services

impianto in BelgioColGrass Ltd, born by the natural evolution of the holder’s, partners’ and a homogenous workgroup’s professional knowledge, boasts a twenty-year experience team even though the company was only recently introduced in the market.
Projected towards technological innovation, with the purpose of achieving a first-order quality level, its basic major assets are: quality, precision, reliability and safety.
Experience, professionalism, specialization and attention to human resources are the elements that allowed the company to grow over time and to expand its own reference market.

The main business of ColGrass Ltd consists in equipment maintenance and assembling (production of cement, lime and similar, industries for the production of steel, glass, fodder, etc.) thanks to an active dynamic structure, vertically integrated to a production process, and to a management able, when necessary, to quickly respond to the customer’s need, involving all the necessary workers.

Over the last years, the expansion of divisions all over the national and international territory allowed the company, by using its know-how acquired by operating in the previous realizations, to manage job orders and construction sites in any location without organizing, logistic, managing problems, ensuring the final result in terms of efficiency, time and costs respect.

ColGrass Ltd is able to deal and offer with competence a wide range of provisions and services with the aim to respond to customers’ needs in the construction site sector, ensuring high safety standards and quick intervention respecting the workplace regulations in force and the correct execution of the works.  The high quality level and competence are achieved with a meticulous personnel selection, education and training principle.

So the customer is able to access a wide range of services:

  • Assembly of medium-heavy carpentry structures in general
  • Machinery assembly
  • Revamping of industrial plants
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Piping realization

The company works also in civil field (hospitals, schools, post offices, etc.) realizing thermal power stations by steam, hot and overheated water, cold store facilities, compressed air stations, fire extinguishing stations – systems with related distribution lines.

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